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Miniature Schnauzer Takes The Wheel

He wanted to. I gave in. Grampa stood idly by. The End.

witty driving


Witty Poses in New York

A Clean Bill of Health

The  lingering cloud of doom hovering in Witty’s lungs has finally lifted. He’s been given a clean bill of health by his wonderful vet, Dr. Khan, at City Veterinary Care! Now, only the outline of his recently developed pot belly (he’s almost 9lbs already!) is clearly evident on his X-rays. And for the first time since we picked him up, he is out of  quarantine and able to be like every other dog. While there’s still a lot we need to learn, we figured we’d throw everything we could at him to gauge his new entrance into the world.

He visited my brother’s lab, Riley, in Connecticut and then went on a hike (off the leash might I add!) with her and another lab, Kurt. He stayed by our side and was shoulder-to-shoulder with the other dogs on the hike. He never strayed. The next week, he was on a plane to Los Angeles to meet my in-laws’ dogs, Benny (Yorkie), Charlie Brown (Pit Bull) and Ziggy (a Doberman mix). As instructed we didn’t feed him 4 hours before the plane ride, just to be sure he wouldn’t have an accident. And to our nervous delight, he slept the entire plane ride and never made a peep.

What we’ve discovered is that Witty is a bit of an attention whore. He’s fearless with dogs much larger than him and a little ham to their human friends. When any dog nears him, he’s bound to roll over on his back and give them the ol’ “Rub my belly” routine.

Testing the waters of Central Park.

Video of Witty Hiking in Connecticut

Witty’s first flight at JFK.

Ziggy and Charlie Brown.

Essentials for a Rather Mini Miniature Schnauzer

Reflecting... or just waiting for his mom

Every dog owner has a list of essential items for their dog. My wife and I were always dog owners, but it’s been a while since either of us had a puppy so our “essentials list” developed day-by-day with Witty. I know we would have liked to have seen something like this before we got the lil’ one, so this is our attempt at laying those things out for others.

The first day, his grandparents lent us a crate and bought him a bed, vest, collar, treats, food, bowls, bowl-mat, and cleaning supplies. We paid his adoption, travel, vaccination and neutering fees before picking him up, but since having him with us, we’ve dropped a bit of coin on his veterinarian care. That includes x-rays, fees, blood work and medication. Those are dollars we would never want back, but all the same, it does add up.

Just as a guide for new Miniature Schnauzer owners and for our own record, we have listed out the essential items/services we’ve needed so far.


  • Adoption Fee through AdoptALab (includes travel from Indiana to Connecticut, vaccinations and neutering)


  • Leash
  • Collar
  • Second Collar (for when he outgrows the puppy one)

Cesar Millan is a pill, but his collar is pretty rad

Witty's meds

Veterinarian Expenses (thus far) – City Veterinary Care (Upper West Side)

  • Initial Visit Fee
  • Follow up Visit Fees
  • Antibiotics
  • Blood Testing
  • X-rays
  • Giardia Medication

Obviously, these expenses vary and not everything we bought was essential, but instead necessary for our situation.

That's actually just you, Witty


A long day's work. My two babies

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