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Witty Takes on The Snow

Witty loves the snow about as much as we do!

Witty Goes to the Beach: Malibu, California

Witty and his mom on our “secret” Malibu beach.

Witty Acts Like A Human

There’s just something about this lil guy…

Miniature Schnauzer Loves the Outdoors

From the day we picked up little Witty, we took him outside. We didn’t realize he was sick at the time, so we took him to the beach. We walked him and we planned our next trip into the woods. Of course we would soon find out he had pneumonia and would need extra care for months. But soon after, he developed a pep–a fervor for being active so we gave him just what he was looking for–the Great Outdoors.–aNEnX1N/

And… Witty’s tribute to “Following Atticus”

Following Atticus: A Must Read!

I’ve read the book. I’ve been moved by Tom’s words. I’ve gifted the book to others and continue to marvel at Tom and his relationship with his “friends.” It’s one of those books that motivates you to do more, feel deeper and pass on to others the great gift of love and happiness.

Following Atticus: A must read.

Witty on Christmas Morning…

In an attempt to make up for all the time we’ve chosen to spend with Witty rather than post about him… we are vowing (or trying to vow, as desperate as that sounds) to post “at least” an image of our lil guy each week. It’s an attempt to salvage the “Weekly” part of this blog and it’s an attempt to continue sharing our love for our buddy, Witty.

Miniature Schnauzer Takes The Wheel

He wanted to. I gave in. Grampa stood idly by. The End.

witty driving

Dog’s Best Friend

Maybe he got confused by the name (after all, we are both named Aaron). Or maybe it was when they bonded on their 4 mile hike together. Either way, Witty has a new best friend and he would like to know when you will visit again. The End.

dog's best friend witty

Dog's Best Friend Witty 2

Witty Golfs Farmington Woods

Witty is a boss so come Friday, he’s on the links. This week he fancied Farmington Woods.

witty farmington woods 2

witty farmington woods 1

Witty makes another Debut

Lil’ Witty was featured in a promo video for Biscuits & Bath in New York City. Now if only I could have stayed out of it, this video would have been perfect! Really though, Biscuits & Bath is great and we highly recommend them to anyone with a pooch in the city. Enjoy!

Click image for video


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