The Weekly Witty

Documenting A Wonderful Life From Day One


My wife and I created this blog to document the life of our new puppy. It’s a little bit record-keeping, a little bit editorial and a lot about the beautiful life of this little guy. His name is Whittamore, but we call him Witty (after all, he does have a mustache). Each week, we will photograph him, jot down notes about his health and hopefully capture some great moments in his life. For lovers of dogs, for Miniature Schnauzer owners or for anyone who celebrates life, this is The Weekly Witty.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I have an 11-week old mini schnauzer. Is yours trained on wee wee pads? Did yours like to play nip/bite? I’m struggling with both of those!

    • Hello! Thanks for writing! We did not train Witty on Pee pads, because we did not want to get him used to going indoors. It was a bit tricky in the beginning, but it paid off as he always goes to the door now when he has to go – that also helps if you ever have to leave him with a loved one when you travel. As for play/nip/bite… that is 100% normal. I haven’t written in a while, but check some of my older posts. I covered a lot of the day to day things with him as we learned ourselves. And feel free to write any time. Best of luck! Would love to see pics!

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