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Happy Birthday to Our Little Man

Sammy and I have been busy. We’ve been consumed by work, travel, traveling-work, and the infrequent moments in between. And while Mr. Whittamore has been with us for nearly all of it (our one trip without him is another post entirely), we’re shamefully aware of the neglect his blog has endured in the process.

But with or without a steady blog, nothing can change the fact that this fur ball has become a major part of this family and our most beloved muse. Happy birthday Mr. Witty! (Yeah, I just read that and realize I wished a dog happy birthday.)


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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Our Little Man

  1. Carolina on said:

    Awww happy birthday to witty! So good to see updates on him. He looks adorable!!!!

  2. Carolina! So great to hear from you! Posting has been so infrequent over here and the guilt weighs heavy! How is Ace?! Hope all is well.

  3. carolina on said:

    awww no worries I figured you were busy with work. Ace is great … here are 2 recent pics of him:

    I hope Witty and Ace can play one day…I think they would be great buddies! There is a mini schnauzer in our building and she is a cutie…they get along.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Love our little man!!! Happy Birthday Witty!

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