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Witty Rocks A Silly Buddy Bow Tie

While we have slipped a bit on bringing Witty’s excursions your way on a weekly basis, that doesn’t mean he’s been quiet. Especially now that he’s rocking a custom made bow tie and matching leash made by the folks at Silly Buddy.

He’s a stud and a lil’ fancy-pants when it wears it, but given its swagger, he’s not allowed to wear it when he’s anywhere near food, mud, water, other dogs or pretty much anything that doesn’t involve him lying around the house or impressing his girlfriend, Lola. Want your own Silly Buddy Bow Tie? Check them out here.

(Witty with Uncle Tim)


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5 thoughts on “Witty Rocks A Silly Buddy Bow Tie

  1. carolina on said:

    Adorable!!!!! So funny my boyfriend put one of his bowties on Ace a while ago and we took a pic…he looked dapper!!! 🙂 Witty is so big now!!!

    • Carolina! Sorry for the drop off again, we have been in and out more times that I can explain. Thanks for the kind comment. I guess it’s true what they say, bow ties make the man! They do say that, right? Hope you, your boyfriend and little Ace have been well! Dr. Khan says hello – we saw her 2 days ago for a check up. Everything checked out with flying colors, but Witty is now 19lbs!! Well, 18.6, but….

      Hopefully see you soon!

      • carolina on said:

        OMG he gained a lot!!! His Schnauzer features are really showing up – too cute…I think Ace is also getting up there in weight as well!! I’m sure he is at least 17 pounds because it’s tougher to pick him up now!
        By the way he finally had his overnight. I put your name down as my referral so you should get some free daycare from it. Hopefully after summer you have some time to meet Ace!

      • Thank you so much for the referral! How did it go? Ace look so dapper with the bow tie!!! I love it! Definitely once the craziness of summer dies down, we need to have them meet. Maybe we can pick a place in the middle so it’s easier for you. Either way, hope you are well and enjoy lil’ Ace!!

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