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Witty’s First Overnight

Last month, we left for Long Island to celebrate Sammy’s birthday while Witty embarked on his first overnight stay at Biscuits and Bath. If the picture below tells you anything, it should at least say this… it wasn’t easy.

It was only two nights. We could handle that. I mean, contrary to his keen affection for us and ours to him (afterall, he does have a blog), he’s pretty independent and we figured it’d be easy. We’d simply drop him off, go have fun, and come back as if nothing happened. Well, that held up for the first few minutes – that is until we turned away and took this photo (above). At that point, all bets were off. This was definitely the hardest part.

Luckily though, our lil’ man’s first foray into overnight boarding was much harder on us than it was for him. It helped that he goes to playgroup here. He was comfortable with the place and the staff and according to them, he did swimmingly.

Much like a little baby – human baby – we packed a few toys, a towel (with our scent, as requested), and his food and snacks. We had direct access to the staff and someone was on hand with the dogs 24/7. That helped. We knew he was in good hands and we had the time of our lives while he was. But no amount of wine tasting or beach-side hangouts could keep us from wanting to run home and swipe him away from his first overnight extravaganza.

He knows we are leaving. But he doesn’t know this will be his first overnight boarding experience.

Want to try them out? Biscuits and Bath is running two specials right now – Amazon Local and Yelp.


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