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The New & Improved Witty

The overnight change.

We liked him scruffy. We deliberately (and rather naively) kept him that way so that he’d be forever young in our eyes, but forever is a long time and eventually you have to give in to the inevitable. In this case Witty’s coat was getting a bit matted (apparently from us bathing him too often) and his long scruffy hair was not only blocking his eyes, but it became a safe-haven for ticks and other such hanger-ons during our short lapse of a Frontline treatment. So, with a hiking trip to the Catskills in order, we wanted to take care of it sooner rather than later.

It’s been our mission to support as many quality, local, dog-centric businesses as possible, so in that vein we set out looking for a groomer. There are many and we’ve met quite a few. But it just so happened that while on the hunt, we ran into this girl, Greta, who raved about Master Groomer, Lisa Sawin, from Bow Wow Barber on 106th and Columbus. Our belief in “things happen for a reason,” and her praise for Lisa brought us to Bow Wow’s doorstep the following day. Greta was right – Lisa was wonderful and at $65, Witty got what their website calls “Just the Basics.” According to them…

We call it the basics, but it’s still a cut above. Your pet is bathed in a hypoallergenic shampoo and coat conditioner, inclusive of anal gland expression, followed by a full brush out (dependent on condition of coat) and hand fluff dry. Then we scissor the coat according to parent preference, clean the ears, and trim his or her nails. It’s pure pet heaven.

Pure heaven, I’m not sure, but apparently Witty was a total trooper as he let Lisa have her way with him – scissors and all. Both in speech and action, Lisa was a true professional and a caring individual who clearly treats every animal as if they were her own. We highly recommend her as one of the remarkable people dedicated to dogs on the Upper West Side.

As for the little man, he looks great, but he looks grown up. Obviously his maturation is bound to take hold, but what a drastic overnight change it has been to see him like this. The look is growing on us and it’s hard not to as he looks so strong and confident with his newly exposed features and muscle tone. Who knows, maybe we’ll grow his hair back out!

Strong like bull.


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One thought on “The New & Improved Witty

  1. carolina on said:

    WOW he looks soo different but very handsome 🙂
    I know what you mean of not wanting them to grow up…Ace is growing soo fast…everyday I swear I think he is an inch taller…I miss his puppy face!

    Ace’s hair is getting thicker now and I do comb/brush daily but I think very soon I will have to do the same you did with Witty….glad you found a nice spot…I’ll add it to my list!

    PS: Ace is all done w. shots so he and Witty can play whenever! Maybe the weekend after memorial day holiday we can set up a time? Or if you decide to go to those playgroups yur reviewed on either 6/2 or 6/3 let me now and I’ll see if we can bring Ace there.

    Have a good weekend!

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