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Bath & A Brush Out

As we mentioned in the last few posts, Sammy and I recently stumbled upon Biscuits and Bath on the Upper West Side. We tried out their puppy playgroup on Thursday night and Witty loved it, so we decided to take a closer look at their website and found an incredible free trial deal that we just took advantage of the other day. With three options, we decided to take him in for the Bath and Brush-out.

I dropped him off on Monday and after about an hour or so in a coffee shop down the road, we got a call that he was ready to be picked up. When we got there, Rene (Groomer) brought him out and gave us a good report. She was super personable, loving and knowledgeable and if it’s any testament to her work, Witty came out looking like an actual dog instead of the matted fur ball he’s become over the last few months. Tonight he is going back for round 2 of puppy playgroup, a long walk to and from and and hopefully deep, deep sleep there after!


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One thought on “Bath & A Brush Out

  1. carolina on said:

    That’s so good! I will be trying the playgroup once Ace is done w. the shots…he gets them this weekend so maybe the following weekend we can try 1 of the playgroups…

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