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Puppy Play Groups

After a stretch of limited dog-to-dog interaction, lil’ Witty went full-boar into puppy play groups this week. We started with a really great free session on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 11am at Playground Pups on the Upper West Side. They separate the dogs by temperament instead of size and monitor the behavior so that each pup learns how to play and interact with other pups. Then on Thursday, we took him to another free 2-hour class at Biscuits and Bath also on the Upper West Side. It was a smaller class, but all the dogs were a great match for Mr. Whittamore. We highly recommend both!

And in our continued push to exercise and socialize him, he’s also been playing with dogs in the park and taking more walks around the city. Both have rendered him tired, so he’s also sleeping like a log quite often now. It’s worth the effort, that’s for sure.





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3 thoughts on “Puppy Play Groups

  1. carolina on said:

    How exciting!?!?! How did he do w. the other doggies? I have no idea how Ace will react when he is around a lot of other dogs but can’t wait to expose him to the Doggie Real World..

  2. he was shy at first, but now he loves it. It’s so great for them! These places are great – definitely a must check out!

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