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Discipline & Patience

As a kid, I never quite understood the accuracy in my mom’s facetious statement “You’re cute when you’re asleep.” That was until we got Witty. Now it’s clear what she meant. He’s cute when he sleeps. Even when he wakes up, he’s groggy and cuddly. It’s the kind of scene you picture when you conjure up images of puppies. But let a minute go by and he’s rushed with adrenaline of  superhero proportions.

His teeth (or whatever is left of them at this point – see below!) show as he barks his high-pitched screech. He twists and turns and runs in circles before picking up his toys one-by-one one until all of them are scattered throughout the house. He’s telling us something, but what? Obviously he wants to play and we do. Maybe he wants to go out again, but we just took a 2 mile walk on legs that aren’t even fully developed yet. He’s losing teeth on the daily, but is this craziness because of the discomfort? Or… is this just what puppies do? We’re not sure. It seems normal, but we’re new at this, so we guess.

Tooth be gone.

With each day we do see more areas of improvement. Other than his energetic, nippy, play, we also wonder how to get Witty on a more regular bathroom schedule. We’ve cut him from 3 meals a day to two large meals (one at breakfast and one at dinner) to help, but still he has a lot of energy throughout the day, at least on the days I am home. Usually he “goes” sporadically throughout the day. Unless he REALLY has to go, he won’t “go” on his walks. We are trying to get him to go once in the morning and once at night, but how? How do you train a dog to do that without having to take him to training classes? Also, he was doing so well before we went to California with him. He’d sit by the door and bark when he had to go out. Now, he’s not so good about that.

The other thing we noticed is his need for other animals in his life. We want him to have companionship with other puppies, so we used to find a schnauzer puppy meetup. Of course, this is New York so there is a good amount to choose from. We chose to go to with New York City Schnauzers Play Group, but we shall see!


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5 thoughts on “Discipline & Patience

  1. carolina on said:

    Our Ace does the scattering toys everywhere as well!!! He takes all of the out the play pen one by one….short attention span I assume…that is a big tooth that he lost! Wow…how many weeks is he now? Ace is over 13 weeks I wonder when he will start to lose the teeth…good luck w. the play group…I found that group as well and have it on my to do list for when Ace can finally be outside…3 more weeks to go until Rabies shot and freedom!

    • That’s funny! Witty is 5 1/s months now! Time flies! I talked to Dr. Khan and she lvoes Ace! She also suggested (rightfully so) that Witty and Ace play! I think that’s a great idea. Just looked at our schedule and don’t think we can make that first meetup after all 😦

      Witty didn’t start losing his teeth until about 3-4 weeks ago I think. He is turning into a monster!! Best of luck with everything!

  2. carolina on said:

    Hi there! Aww that’s nice of Dr. Khan to say…we think Ace has a crush on her hehe. I think that is a great idea! We wouldn’t mind that at all. It would be easier since the MeetUp group is all the way downtown…staying uptown is more convenient. Ace will have his last round of shots aka rabies in 2 weeks. So maybe after that they can meet. I’m sure it will be fine now but to avoid any problems we should wait until Ace is all done w the shots.

    Here is a recent pic of Ace:

    • Hi Caroline! That pic is adorable, Ace looks so cute! So… we are putting off the meetup group for now and have found some great playgroups. Check them out on the latest posts. And let’s definitely schedule an Ace and Witty meetup sometime soon. Hope all is well!

  3. carolina on said:

    Just read your new posts…those 2 places you found sound great and in your neighborhood so definitely very convenient. I noted down the info so hopefully by Mem Day wknd Ace will be free to go to the playgroups. He gets his last round of shots on 5/19 …so Ace and Witty shall meet pretty soon after that!

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