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10 Pounds and Gunnin’ – Witty’s Routine

Just loungin'

Sammy and I learned early on that puppies need patterns.  They have to be on a set schedule – be able to anticipate. But how do you do that when we ourselves can’t find one rhythm over another? We usually wake at 7:30am, but sometimes it’s earlier – sometimes later. Witty is ready to crash at about 9:00pm, but we usually doze off around midnight or later. I try to walk him every afternoon and night, but my work is random and doesn’t make for a regular walk time. And then there’s our little adventures. So far Witty has gone to Connecticut, Vermont, Upstate New York and California several times over and we’ve only had him 2 months. It’s something that is always in the back of our minds, but rather than stress over it, we’ve realized he’s actually pretty good at adapting.

He eats at a regular time and for the most part we walk him right after, but everything else he simply flows with it and that’s exactly what we wanted. He travels like an all-star, but we still catch a glimpse of his suspicious eye. He looks at us like we are crazy when we up and go on a whim. But, as long as he has his toys, some treats, and good bout of fresh air, he seems to care little about what time things take place. So, in our opinion, yeah – stick to a schedule if you can, but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t. On the flip side, he’s ready for anything and appears to have less anxiety because of it.

Witty walks Central Park.

Witty's "Calm" 1.34 mile walk in the park.

Witty's "Busy" 2.0 mile walk in order to get him used to city living.


Witty takes a break on the trail.


"I don't need schedules..."

Watching ducks at the Harlem Meer.

Those are puppy eyes.

This was two weeks ago. He has probably grown 3 pounds since then!


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6 thoughts on “10 Pounds and Gunnin’ – Witty’s Routine

  1. carolina on said:

    what a cutie! any tips on leash walking??
    Our Ace is 11 weeks…going on 12 this weekend but we haven’t taken him out for walks b/c he doesn’t have all shots and vet suggested we wait…but I’m worried that he is missing out! I put the leash on in the apt to practice but all he does is bite it…

    I think it’s great you guys have exposed him to so many different things early on…he’s a lucky guy

  2. Caroline, I know it’s difficult, but it’s worth the wait. We had to wait several weeks before we could take him out on the leash, because of his shots and because he was contagious with pneumonia, so we feel your pain.

    As for the leash… biting at it is normal. He’ll do that until he is comfortable with it and that will prolly take a week or two. What we did with Witty was keep him on a short leash so that he got used to being by our side when he walks. It’s not an exact science and you’ll have to keep at it, but training treats help. When he stays by your side give him a “good boy” and a treat. We also make him sit for all treats and he can’t get it unless he stays sitting. Schnauzers are quick learners so you have that on your side. IF he tries to pull, tell him no and continue this until it becomes a bit more normal.

    We found that after a little while, we let the leash out a bit and he didn’t stray far, because he was always used to being near us while we walked. He’ll run around a bit and explore, but he waits for us to catch up or walks at or behind us.

    One thing I noticed is that he wants to eat EVERYTHING! And as you know, in NYC that could literally mean EVERYTHING. So we have to really watch him. I give him a stick (with little to no bark on it) to keep in his mouth as we walk and that seems to help. He also seems to carry it proudly.

    Like I said, it’s by no means a science, but hopefully this helps a bit. Good luck and enjoy every moment!

  3. carolina on said:

    Those are great tips! Thanks so much…yes I agree they keep their head down all the time sniffing and trying to eat any little particle they notice on the ground…I will use your stick idea. Will continue to just practice in the house…these shots cant come soon enough so I can enjoy weather outside with him. Thanks!
    here is a pic of Ace @ 8 weeks, he is much bigger now:

  4. Ace is so cute! Is he a black and gray mix or gray? Looks like Witty! He will be up and running in no time. We carried Witty into one of the parks and then walked him where there were no animals. You could try that if you’re going stir crazy.

  5. carolina on said:

    Aww thx. Ace is black and silver so yeah same color as your Witty 🙂
    He is a ball of energy these days…he gets these moments of crazy energy where he rushes backs and forth for no reason…it’s pretty funny. I took him to the park the other day and just walked him for like 15 mins where I didn’t see animals. Will try it again this week…

    • That’s great!! Yeah, Witty does the same thing, we just think he’s nuts at this point 😉 Glad Ace was able to get into the park. Looking forward to more updates…

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