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A Clean Bill of Health

The  lingering cloud of doom hovering in Witty’s lungs has finally lifted. He’s been given a clean bill of health by his wonderful vet, Dr. Khan, at City Veterinary Care! Now, only the outline of his recently developed pot belly (he’s almost 9lbs already!) is clearly evident on his X-rays. And for the first time since we picked him up, he is out of  quarantine and able to be like every other dog. While there’s still a lot we need to learn, we figured we’d throw everything we could at him to gauge his new entrance into the world.

He visited my brother’s lab, Riley, in Connecticut and then went on a hike (off the leash might I add!) with her and another lab, Kurt. He stayed by our side and was shoulder-to-shoulder with the other dogs on the hike. He never strayed. The next week, he was on a plane to Los Angeles to meet my in-laws’ dogs, Benny (Yorkie), Charlie Brown (Pit Bull) and Ziggy (a Doberman mix). As instructed we didn’t feed him 4 hours before the plane ride, just to be sure he wouldn’t have an accident. And to our nervous delight, he slept the entire plane ride and never made a peep.

What we’ve discovered is that Witty is a bit of an attention whore. He’s fearless with dogs much larger than him and a little ham to their human friends. When any dog nears him, he’s bound to roll over on his back and give them the ol’ “Rub my belly” routine.

Testing the waters of Central Park.

Video of Witty Hiking in Connecticut

Witty’s first flight at JFK.

Ziggy and Charlie Brown.


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2 thoughts on “A Clean Bill of Health

  1. carolina on said:

    So glad Witty has a clean bill of health! Loved the video…he looks so happy being off leash..loved him trying to play with the baby 🙂

    • Caroline, thanks so much for the kind words. Witty is great and we are learning every day. So glad you got Ace! That is a great name, by the way. How do you like Dr. Khan so far? She’s great, right? Luckily, we haven’t had to see her in a few weeks, so we are hoping to keep it that way. Looking forward to seeing/hearing about Ace soon!

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