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The Crate & Cold Spring

Walking the park is not exactly a walk in the park when you have a pup who’s fascinated by every stick, leaf, rock and human within a ten-foot radius. He’s slowly adapting to the concept of moving forward, but still he wants to approach everyone and eat every thing. When someone walks past or trails behind, he cries and desperately tries to stay their pace. Whether he thinks each passerby  is Sammy or whether he just loves everyone with the same enthusiasm, he’s definitely a bit anxious when he’s in the park. But that said, each day, he moves forward a bit more and musters more excitement to go outside.  When he runs, I swear he smiles and if I weren’t so damn out of shape, he’d probably run a much greater distance. I’m working on it. Perhaps he’ll be my motivation.

He's wondering why the scaffolding is still up...

As for crate-training, it’s going pretty well.  Witty likes being in his crate and with a choice of toys he seems to actually prefer it. Of course, as the pictures attest, he also likes to smash himself into the sides and under the bed while he’s in there. We’ve noticed (and read) that the crate calms him down as opposed to having the run of the house. It also helps us to get him used to being alone while we are gone.  A little bit of peanut butter in his kong and the television on, and he usually doesn’t notice us leaving.  As for the night time, he’s gotten used to going out to pee before bed and sleeps in his crate throughout the night. But he is about 1-2 hours short of our wake-up time and it’s killing us!  All in all though, our little devil is doing quite well and feeling much better.

Last weekend we took him to Cold Spring, NY. It was more for us than him, but we do like the fact that he travels well. Here are some images.

He sleeps in the center console.

Chomping at the treat


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One thought on “The Crate & Cold Spring

  1. carolina on said:

    Great post! Can’t wait until we have our pup so we can take him out like you take Witty. I’ll be doing the crate training as well with my pup…glad it’s working out for you.

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