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Essentials for a Rather Mini Miniature Schnauzer

Reflecting... or just waiting for his mom

Every dog owner has a list of essential items for their dog. My wife and I were always dog owners, but it’s been a while since either of us had a puppy so our “essentials list” developed day-by-day with Witty. I know we would have liked to have seen something like this before we got the lil’ one, so this is our attempt at laying those things out for others.

The first day, his grandparents lent us a crate and bought him a bed, vest, collar, treats, food, bowls, bowl-mat, and cleaning supplies. We paid his adoption, travel, vaccination and neutering fees before picking him up, but since having him with us, we’ve dropped a bit of coin on his veterinarian care. That includes x-rays, fees, blood work and medication. Those are dollars we would never want back, but all the same, it does add up.

Just as a guide for new Miniature Schnauzer owners and for our own record, we have listed out the essential items/services we’ve needed so far.


  • Adoption Fee through AdoptALab (includes travel from Indiana to Connecticut, vaccinations and neutering)


  • Leash
  • Collar
  • Second Collar (for when he outgrows the puppy one)

Cesar Millan is a pill, but his collar is pretty rad

Witty's meds

Veterinarian Expenses (thus far) – City Veterinary Care (Upper West Side)

  • Initial Visit Fee
  • Follow up Visit Fees
  • Antibiotics
  • Blood Testing
  • X-rays
  • Giardia Medication

Obviously, these expenses vary and not everything we bought was essential, but instead necessary for our situation.

That's actually just you, Witty


A long day's work. My two babies


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4 thoughts on “Essentials for a Rather Mini Miniature Schnauzer

  1. carolina~ on said:

    How did you like City Veterinary Care? I’ll getting a mini schnauzer in about 2 weeks and still not sure on a vet. Many have great reviews but mixed in with awful reviews. As a first time puppy owner I’m just nervous to just try any place.

    • City Vet is great! I read all the reviews too and weighed out the good with the bad, but the way people wrote the good reviews made all the difference and made us go in. It’s also 2 train stops for us and a quick drive if need be.

      They are renovating right now, so there’s some chaos with that perhaps, but it’s never affected any of our visits and as you’ve probably gathered, we are there a lot more than we’d like. We go to Dr. Khan. She is very sweet, knowledgeable and actually calls to check up on Witty each week while he’s been sick. The whole staff is great, accomodating and knows what they’re talking about. How that compares to other places, I have no idea, but we trust them wholly with our lil guy and will be using them for the long term as long as it stays that way. Defintiely check them out. If you don’t mind, let them know you saw our blog.

      • carolina~ on said:

        Good to know. Thx for your input. Will check them out 🙂
        I saw your link on Yelp actually looking at reviews for City Vet and other nearby vet offices.

      • That is great. Best of luck with your new little one!

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