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Witty’s First Outing…

Pneumonia can get you down and it can keep you home-bound. For the first couple of weeks, it did just that for our little guy.  But after another quick bout with his cough and a new skip in his step, we decided to take him on a road trip to Greenwich, Connecticut.

We wanted to drive the back roads, look at homes we’ll probably never own (or want for that matter) and walk the shoreline. We wanted him to get out, get used to his leash and for the first time since getting him – be a puppy. Maybe it was a sense of guilt for our over-protectiveness, but our coddling ways needed a reprieve and what better way than some fresh air. Here are some images of his first outing and his first (successful) task of leash training.

That house is too big for you bud

leash training

Witty, meet the ocean

Witty's Mum

It's instinct. His first stick


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5 thoughts on “Witty’s First Outing…

  1. Sue Weragoda on said:

    I enjoy reading up on Witty’s progress. He’s so adorable, he reminds me so much of Jojo. Looks like you and Sam are doing a great job.

  2. carolina~ on said:

    Adorable!!! I’m in the process of getting a Mini Schnauzer…hopefully end of March 🙂
    Can you tell me the brand of the leash? Or what you recommend?
    I’m buying some of the key things now to have it ready.

    Love the blog!!!

  3. carolina~ on said:

    Great thanks. I’ll check out PetCo and see if I can find that same leash.

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