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His First Day

Yesterday, we adopted little Whittamore Lyles the First (a.k.a. “Witty”), a pure-bred Miniature Schnauzer rescue. With any rescue, either puppy or adult, there comes an increased sense of dedication and responsibility. With this little guy – that is entirely the case. We think of it like this: We have only one chance to show him that he is indeed wanted so that he never thinks that he wasn’t. It’s that simple and is the basis for our parenting, if you can call it that, from this day forward.

At 4.14lbs and about 11 weeks old, little Witty is already getting well adjusted to his new home. We picked him up from Darien, Connecticut with my parents and then took a drive through Old Greenwich before returning to Manhattan. He slept on the way home, took a bath with ease, allowed us to dry him with a hair dryer and cuddled up with us at every opportunity.

Like any puppy, he goes about every 3-4 hours and eats quite a bit. He had two accidents in the house, but we’ve realized that it’s simply a matter of keeping an eye on him directly after eating or drinking – he has about a 2-10 minute time span after consumption. At this point he’s also figuring out what his legs are for and why we bring him outside so often, but other than that all is well.

When it was time to let him sleep, we crated him (as a part of training), but as expected, he howled for about 30 minutes. After sitting in the hallway with him until he fell asleep, I went to bed only to be woken again by his screechy little howl. We danced at it again, but to similar results. It wasn’t until we finally moved his crate into the bedroom that he went to sleep.

The people at AdoptALab gave him all of his shots and already neutered him (apparently too soon). But just to be safe, we took him to Veterinarian, Amelia Khan at City Veterinary Care on the Upper West side after noticing a raspy little cough.  Turns out (again, as expected) he has kennel cough. While we were there we looked into a few other issues we noticed. He had an umbilical hernia prior to our adoption, so we wanted to see if that was normal. We also noticed a little skip to his step, so we checked that too. The hobble is apparently normal in puppies and is more or less a weakness in underdeveloped ligaments due to his young age. The other concern we had was his hearing. He didn’t seem to be responding to loud noises or commands that he couldn’t see, so we wanted to make sure his hearing was okay. Apparently he is just exorcising his “selective hearing” skills (like I do). He’s also developing his observation capabilities.

So… as new parents we’re concerned for the right reasons, but now seeing as this is just the second day with us, we have a long way to go and everything seems to be healthy and on track for this little distinguished soon-to-be tweed & bowtie wearing lil’ pooch.

More about the Miniature Schnauzer on Animal Planet

Witty lounging at the Vet


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One thought on “His First Day

  1. He is SO cute! I had a miniature schnauzer also — named Liebchen (German for Little Love). She thought she was a person – and was a little jealous when the children came along – until she realized they always had food with them! Have fun with the little guy!

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